Stay on track
with the simple implement guidance system

We make a ProTrakker designed to work with virtually any setup.

Look below for the model specifications.
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GPS Ready

An available GPS-ready model gives you the ability to track rows automatically with sub-inch accuracy with leading implement guidance systems, including John Deere iSteer™ and Trimble TrueTracker.

Range of Applications
There are four implement guidance system models available for tractors ranging from 80-500 horsepower, and it works with nearly all modern tractors.
Easy Installation
ProTrakker quickly mounts to most 3-point attachments and drawbars, and easily transitions between different equipment.
Built to Last
ProTrakker is engineered to take a beating. Plus, we’ve made regular maintenance quick and simple.
No GPS? No Problem
ProTrakker is available with a simple in-cab remote control with our sidehill sensor for accurate row tracking without GPS.
Dual Cylinder Design
ProTrakker is engineered with dual hydraulic cylinders, allowing your drawbar to travel up to 26” from left to right.