ProTrakker Control Options Provide Precision in the Field

February 22, 2019

ProTrakker has a passion for taking row crop guidance to the next level with their lineup of game-changing implement guidance systems. This line of ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitches can be controlled by different methods for sub-inch accuracy, keeping precision growers on track to maximize profits. The hydraulic hitches are compatible with ProTrakker’s own implement control systems and other leading names in precision ag technology, giving you control of your implement in any situation.

GPS steering is an important aspect of precision ag. The majority of ProTrakker hitches are used in conjunction with industry-leading GPS steering systems. John Deere Active Implement Guidance System™, Trimble TrueTracker™, Homburg Holland’s SmartSTEER® compatible with AgLeader, and Raven SBGuidance Twin™ all work with ProTrakker’s implement guidance technology. These systems are basically an extension of your tractor’s auto-steer, using a secondary receiver mounted on your implement, to accurately steer where needed.

Every piece of field equipment has some side pull, but a sonic guidance control system can help stop implement drift by using ultrasonic technology. ProTrakker’s SonicTrakk™ control option uses four exterior ultrasonic sensors to guide the implement with the highest accuracy. The ultrasonic sensors track plants, strip-till ridges, tire treads, and more to achieve precision. SonicTrakk™ ultrasonic technology is not hindered by dust or lack of sunlight. This system can be used for multiple field applications such as strip-till, spraying, side-dressing, no-till, planting, contours, and cultivation.

Hill or slope gradients can be steep enough to affect an implement’s ability to track in a straight line, resulting in the possibility of unwanted damage to crops. The ProTrakker Side-Hill Sensor™ detects the tractor’s degree of slope and automatically adjusts the ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitch to keep the implement on track. Developed by ProTrakker, this user-friendly control box has manual and auto control features. Side-Hill Sensor has nine gain setting options to adjust for varying implement lengths for maximum control.

All of these implement control systems allow ProTrakker’s Hydraulic Hitches to be as effective as possible in the field. ProTrakker is your answer for accurate and reliable precision ag solutions. To find out more about ProTrakker’s Guidance Systems visit