ProTrakker Guidance Systems Takes to the Trade Show Circuit

March 12, 2019

ProTrakker Guidance Systems has attended five major agricultural trade shows so far this year. Starting in early 2019, the precision ag manufacturer promoted its latest innovations and products to growers across the nation. ProTrakker made an appearance at the Sioux Falls Farm Show, Iowa Power Farming Show, National Farm Machinery Show, International Crop Expo, and Commodity Classic.

ProTrakker trade show booth displaying a 500DB Hydraulic HitchProTrakker trade show booth displaying a 500DB Hydraulic Hitch.

The company’s trade show circuit began in January with the Sioux Falls Farm Show in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. For three days, ProTrakker joined over 320 exhibitors in presenting their latest products to growers. Their second January show was the Iowa Power Farming Show, the nation’s third largest indoor ag show, in Des Moines, Iowa. Despite the record-breaking, frigid temperatures, ProTrakker demonstrated the accuracy and benefits of their hydraulic hitch lineup to hundreds of farmers. ProTrakker showcased its product lineup capabilities and had one of their 500DB Hydraulic Hitches on display.

Equipment demonstrations continued as they moved into February as ProTrakker departed from Iowa and headed down to the National Farm Machinery Show in Kentucky. Spanning 1.2 million square feet and having more than 300,000 attendees, it’s the nation’s largest indoor farm show. Following the NFMS, ProTrakker exhibited at the International Crop Expo in Grand Forks, North Dakota and ended its 2019 events circuit in Orlando, Florida, at the Commodity Classic, the largest farmer-led and farmer-focused trade show of its kind.

“Trade shows are a great way to demonstrate how much of a difference our hydraulic hitches can make in a wide variety of farming operations,” said Cory Miller, President of ProTrakker. “We have been going to some of these trade shows for years. These events represent a large part of our efforts to connect with growers, and give them insight on the benefits of using ProTrakker for implement guidance.”

The 500DB hitch demo unit that ProTrakker displayed is one of the most versatile implement guidance systems in their lineup. Not only is the 500DB Hydraulic Hitch able to work with larger horsepower tractors, but it also boasts 30.5 inches of correction and has an adjustable hitch height that growers want. Overall, ProTrakker Guidance Systems are designed for sub-inch accuracy and universal compatibility — working with nearly all tractors and equipment for precise implement guidance.

In March, ProTrakker will continue the circuit being a featured vendor at two open house events hosted by Titan Machinery, one of the company’s equipment dealers. The first event will be held in Pipestone, Minnesota on March 13th. Titan Machinery’s second open house is scheduled to take place in Marshall, Minnesota on March 14th.

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