Equipment Preparations For the 2019 Planting Season

March 29, 2019

As we get closer to the end of winter weather, now is a great time to start your preparations for spring planting. It is very important to make sure that all of your essential equipment is in tip-top shape before you hit the fields. Ensuring that your equipment is properly functioning can make for less stress and better yields down the road. Use this time to review and inspect tillage and planting equipment, precision ag machinery, as well as your planting strategy to see if ProTrakker Guidance Systems would be right for your operation.

ProTrakker Plater

Maintain Tillage Equipment

You can help eliminate extra trips to the field, when tilling, by going over some essential components on your tiller. Evaluate the condition of your tillage equipment's soil engaging points. Check for wear and tear on parts such as the sweeps, chisel points, and disc blades. Replacement parts are much easier to come by before planting season begins.

Down-pressure springs are also an important aspect of tilling. Test your equipment's springs to make sure that they are adjusted evenly and that they're not broken. The better condition the springs are in, the better soil penetration you'll have.

Tire condition plays an essential part in how efficiently your equipment moves in the field. Inspect your tire's air pressure to verify that they are all inflated to the same pressure. Examine the wheel bearings and ensure that all of the parts are properly lubricated.

Inspect Planting Equipment

Planters have many components that help you get the most out of your seeds, but they can also hinder your planting season if the equipment's condition deteriorates. It is important to check that your planter is placing the seeds at the proper depth and make calibrations if it doesn't. Another area that may need inspection is the seed opener. Even though you might have adjusted the opener for proper seed depth, the depth wheels could be riding up on the seed opener.

Make Sure Safety Equipment Is Working Properly

With heavy equipment on the road, it is best to take extra precautions before heading out to the fields. Check your machinery to make sure that all of the caution lights are working properly. Also, check for any loose tools or debris that might have been left on your equipment before traveling on the public roads.

Incorporate ProTrakker Guidance Systems

Another tip to help you start planting season on the right foot is by looking into precision ag equipment, like ProTrakker Guidance Systems. ProTrakker offers a diverse line-up of hydraulic hitch guidance systems that can easily turn most implements into precision ag tools. ProTrakker's implement guidance systems can help make your cultivation and planting more accurate and consistent by precisely steering your implement.