ProTrakker Turns Heads Half A World Away

May 30, 2017

Odebolt, Iowa - Two agricultural machinery specialists in Australia have recently written about the innovative features ProTrakker Guidance Systems has to offer. ProTrakker's line of hydraulic hitches enables the farmers to be able to follow a precise track for repeatability of fertilizer, spray, seed and more, year after year. Both writers elaborated on the virtues of using a GPS-guided hitch for planting and noted how it is changing the way farmers in Australia are planting crops.

Ken Wilson is the machinery editor at Farm Weekly, a leading source of agricultural industry news for Western Australia. His article, titled, “Is Edge-row the next big thing in ag?” featured results from four years of trials in southwestern Australia that have shown the ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitch virtually eliminates non-wetting issues and improves crop yields. Australia’s climate has been extremely dry and finding stored moisture in the previous year’s furrow gives the seeds an opportunity to grow. When planting, ProTrakker allows farmers to place seed exactly where ground moisture is likely to be greatest.

“The latter is achieved because seeds are placed in a moisture zone with the bonus of accessing residual nutrients and old root pathways,” Wilson wrote. “More than 20 years of research work by CSIRO, led by their former principal research scientist Dr. Margaret Roper, has revealed through dye tests that zero till preserves old plant root pathways, allowing moisture to travel beyond the water-repellent top layer of the root zone.”

“Farmers sometimes don’t realize the importance of hitting the precise zone whether it be for strip-till, spraying, fertilizing, planting, etc. An uncontrolled implement can drift an average of 8 inches side to side making it virtually impossible to precisely control.” says ProTrakker Guidance Systems President, Cory Miller. “Using a ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitch will eliminate your drawbar drift, giving you the precision you need.”

Jack Desbiolles, with the Agricultural Machinery R&D Centre at the University of South Australia, wrote an extensive article expanding on the importance of accurate tracking over many passes, which ProTrakker has proven to provide.

“A seeder that maintains precise pass-to-pass accuracy regardless of terrain opens the door for guided sowing relative to existing stubble rows,” he wrote. “Accurately sowing in relation to previous stubble rows can be critically important to successfully establish crops in low or uneven moisture situations.”

“Farmers all over the world have a lot of the same concerns,” said Miller. “Commodity prices are fairly low and all farmers are trying to get more yield for their hard earned money. We’ve been seeing, for some time now, how implement guidance helps precision farmers get the most yield.”

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