ProTrakker: Guiding Implements Around The World

May 30, 2018

ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitches are delivering results across the world. Customers are responding about the positive effects that the implement guidance systems are having on their operations.

ProTrakker's versatility is unmatched, as the hitches have been uniquely engineered to work with almost every tractor and implement on the market. "My tractors, planters, and strip-till rigs have all been different brands and styles, but my ProTrakker 400DX is the one thing that works on them all," says Ed T., a grower in Indiana, U.S. Another long-time customer, Joe P., in Minnesota, U.S., commented on their ProTrakker. "Over the past six years we've traded tractors and planters twice, very universal product. [The ProTrakker works with] any tractor, any implement."

Along with equipment versatility, ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitches can be controlled in multiple ways to get exactly the results your operation needs. The hitches can be controlled by GPS for accuracy you depend on. The major GPS providers have platforms for ProTrakker Implement Guidance, including John Deere's Active Implement Guidance (AIG), Trimble's True Tracker, Raven's Twin Steer, and Ag Leader/Homberg Holland's Smart Steer. "It's amazing how accurate this is," said Robert A. from Ontario, Canada, who is using John Deere's AIG.

Both customers and dealers are excited about ProTrakker's results using Trimble's True Tracker. "We got hitches and already installed the 300DB for our client…it works well and our client is satisfied," reported Irina G. in Moscow, Russia. Jim I., a farmer from Iowa, U.S., agreed. "The ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitch is a very simple and cost-effective solution for those looking for sub-inch implement accuracy when using RTK," he said.

Beside GPS, ProTrakker can be commanded by SonicTrakk, an ISO VT independently controlled system. This has four sensors dedicated to sensing the crop itself, tire tracks, strip-till ridges and more. Joe D. from North Dakota, U.S. uses SonicTrakk for his organic soybeans. "ProTrakker Sonic is one of the most innovative solutions for solving a very difficult problem that farmers face every year," he said. "ProTrakker SonicTrakk will be a tool I will not want to leave behind!"

ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitches can also be controlled by ProTrakker's own Side-Hill Sensor. Although not as accurate as GPS, it is independent of GPS and adjusts the implement to track where needed. Widely used for spraying, this option provides customers huge benefits. "I wouldn't be able to spray without it — if you have hills, this product is a must." - Don G., from Nebraska, U.S.

Controlling your implement is important as it precisely places seed and nutrients, eliminates crop damage, and reduces overlap of chemical, fertilizer and seed which equates to more money in your pocket. "[The ProTrakker] does everything you said it would and it will pay for itself, no questions," reported Dave G. a farmer from southwest Minnesota, U.S.

What are farmers using the ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitches for?

Spraying and Fertilizing

"We will not go to the field without it. It simply follows the tractor tracks no matter the hill size. It worked so well, we now have two units, one for the sprayer and one for the fertilizer applicator," said Greg J., Nebraska, U.S.

Side Dressing

"The ProTrakker-guided hitch is keeping this sidedress right down the middle," said Nate D., Ohio, U.S.


Jerry M., corn and bean grower in Minnesota, U.S. said, "In 2015, even with RTK, on most of our hills I could see the planter drift 8–12 inches. When cultivating, this caused us some major challenges and negatively affected our crops. In 2016, with our ProTrakker 400DB hitch, the planter stayed straight as an arrow, even over the sides and tops of hills."

"For our operation, adding the ProTrakker 400DB hitch has equated to more profit. We cultivate out less corn and beans and we do a better job controlling weeds. All in all, we are very pleased with our ProTrakker hitch," said Jerry M. from Clarkfield, Minnesota.

Nutrient and Seed Placement

"Fitted a ProTrakker on an Agrow Plow Deep Ripper for trial on placing nutrition to 500 mm to attract deeper root growth," said Aaron K. from South Australia, Australia.

Strip-Till and Planting

"[The ProTrakker is] working well so far," said John G., a farmer in Illinois, U.S. "Stripping 30' and planting 60'. [It's] awesome to watch it shift uphill and stay right on the strips."

More firsthand accounts from ProTrakker customers are available via the "Testimonials" page of the ProTrakker site, and further product information, including the differences between the models, can be found under the "Guidance Systems" tab.

If you're looking to make a worthwhile investment, there is a ProTrakker model available to help you in the field. "The ProTrakker saved our bacon last year," said Theo C., Western Australia, Australia. "We don't believe our canola would have emerged without it. In terms of machinery, it is the best investment we have made."