ProTrakker Implement Guidance Extends Growing Season

June 3, 2014

Odebolt, Iowa - While the ProTrakker hydraulic hitch is a proven answer for implement steering issues, the hitch is also extending the growing season for farmers, particularly in drier climates where preserving moisture is a priority. Western Australia, an arid landscape known for very marginal moisture conditions, has growers seeing significant trafficability, repeatability and germination results in their second year of ProTrakker use.

ProTrakker is giving growers the ability to accurately sow canola seeds angled into the past year's stubble row shoulder, in turn helping to establish an early crop ready for opening rains. Recent results have shown that by repurposing pre-existing root moisture pathways this way, famers are able to gain 3-4 weeks of advanced growth which translates to massive yield responses. Growers have also seen credible evidence of superior germination in non-wetting conditions due to a +/-2cm placement accuracy.

These particular results are being achieved using the ProTrakker with John Deere and Trimble active guidance. While ProTrakker continues growing in popularity as a key component for successful strip till crop production, ProTrakker partners in Western Australia are also continuing to test its benefits in strip till and treating the soil for deficiencies or adverse conditions in the repeatable strip.

Simon Hill, Director and Chair at Burando Hill with eight ProTrakker dealerships in Western Australia, is seeing these benefits in his region firsthand. "The performance of ProTrakker in our area is absolutely exceptional," said Hill. "We are very exited about the possibilities that ProTrakker has opened up to us. In short, it works."

"These are some powerful results that we are seeing from Australia," says ProTrakker president Cory Miller. "Being able to accurately plant in the root mass of stubble and extend the growing season by this much longer is very impressive."