Reduce Pull-Type Sprayer and Side-Dresser Inaccuracy with ProTrakker Guidance Systems


June 28, 2019

Odebolt, IA (June 28, 2019) - With spraying and side-dressing, accuracy is key. Having to take into account droplet size, nozzle adjustments, rate control, weather conditions, and so many other factors; there is a very thin margin of error for growers. Those using pull-type sprayers and side-dressers have even less room for error, due to the inaccuracy of the implement caused by drift. However, growers can greatly improve accuracy by using an implement guidance system, such as ProTrakker. ProTrakker’s line of precision hydraulic hitches and control options can completely change an operation’s approach to post-emerge applications.

In post-emerge situations, implement drift is detrimental to your bottom line. The dollars of crop damaged by your sprayer wheels or side-dresser can be small or large depending upon many things like the size of hills, length of the implement, kind of crop, pricing, etc. Using ProTrakker Guidance Systems is easy and can eliminate crop damage. The hydraulic hitches are user- friendly with the drawbar styles fastening to the original tractor drawbar with just 5 bolts and the 400DX (made for 2-point and drawn implements) attaches to the 3-point of your tractor.

ProTrakker’s Side-Hill Sensor is the most popular control option for guiding pull-type sprayers and side-dressers. With multiple gain settings, the Side-Hill Sensor can easily be adjusted automatically to guide any length of implement. When the Side-Hill Sensor control option is paired with the hitch of your choosing, you can reliably stay on track as the growing season progresses.

Having so many variables to contend with, ProTrakker’s line of guidance systems helps relieve some of the pressures that growers face when spraying and side-dressing post-emerge. The results of a more accurate and efficient operation are beneficial for the field and bottom line.