SonicTrakk ™️ Implement Control System Designed To Be Adaptable and Easy To Use


July 15, 2019

ProTrakker ™️ is known for creating hydraulic hitch implement guidance systems that can easily conform to a grower’s operational needs. The company’s SonicTrakk ™️ control option uses that principle of adaptability to elevate the level of accuracy in the field. Along with a flexible range of sensing capabilities, SonicTrakk hosts a variety of innovative Virtual Terminal (VT) compatible control settings and easy-to-adjust ultrasonic sensor modules so growers can be confident that precision is never compromised.

The system’s accuracy comes from SonicTrakk’s use of ultrasonic frequencies. By mounting specialized sensors on the exterior of an implement, the devices use high-frequency waves to detect deviations and signal course corrections to the hydraulic hitch. SonicTrakk has the ability to detect plant rows, furrows, and tire tracks, the key is a very consistent mark to follow. Operators can use the different detection methods to set specific steering modes via VT compatible terminals. A joystick function is also included, allowing easy engage/disengage and the ability to control the hitch manually.

Sensor module setup is designed to be easy and straightforward. The kit includes four sensors, with one set to be mounted on the left and right side of the implement. They can be anchored to a custom horizontal bar or, when clearance is an issue, directly onto the crossbar. The angle of the ultrasonic sensors can be manually adjusted to account for different steering modes, such as plant detection.

SonicTrakk is sensitive enough to recognize plants when they grow to around 3 inches tall and need a minimum of 2 inches to follow an impression. Ultrasound technology is non-sensitive to dust and works independently of daylight. With these capabilities, growers can tailor their guidance system for better accuracy on various terrain.

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