New Innovations from ProTrakker on the Horizon

July 22, 2016

ODEBOLT, Iowa (July 22, 2016) - The agriculture industry continues to evolve, and with that, leading precision ag companies are working to stay on the forefront of new technologies. One industry leader that stays on the cusp of new innovations is ProTrakker Guidance Systems.

The Iowa-based manufacturer, who recently launched a brand new website, has a new product on the horizon, in addition to ongoing enhancements to their growing product lineup. ProTrakker’s newest product, which is currently in the development phase, is a mounted three point hydraulic hitch. Industry need and customer demand have driven the new hitch project, and has been in the works for some time now.

In addition to the introduction of a mounted three point hydraulic hitch, other innovations are just around the corner.

Insight gained from customer feedback and product testing has allowed the company to provide better solutions to their increasing customer base. ProTrakker’s Hydraulic Hitches can be controlled using multiple implement control options, and many customers switch between control options for different applications. In an effort to increase efficiency and streamline switching from GPS control options to ProTrakker’s Side-Hill Sensor option, ProTrakker has introduced a GPS to Side-Hill Converter Cable that allows farmers to seamlessly switch between the two.

“We’re always keeping a pulse on our industry’s emerging technologies, as well as the feedback we receive from customers, and our Dealer network,” says company president Cory Miller. “The agriculture industry is always evolving, so it is imperative that we provide solutions that our customers are requesting.” While a specific launch date hasn’t been announced for the mounted three point hitch, Miller urges current and potential customers to sign up to receive product news and updates. “We will be announcing new product innovations and availability via our eNewsletter. It is an exciting time for ProTrakker.”

Interested parties can subscribe to ProTrakker’s eNewsletter by visiting and filling out the short form located towards the bottom of the site.