ProTrakker Customer Feedback Confirms Field Successes

July 31, 2017

Odebolt, Iowa - ProTrakker Guidance Systems has continued to develop products aimed at increasing farmer’s field efficiency, yields, and row accuracy, year after year. The Iowa-based manufacturer continues to hear positive feedback from actual customers and the impact ProTrakker has had on their precision ag efforts.

Internationally, farmers are reporting in-field successes ranging from row accuracy improvements and increased yields, to less fatigue and improved soil health. The one common denominator between all these farmers is ProTrakker.

Jerry C. in Southwest Minnesota purchased a ProTrakker 400DB Hydraulic Hitch in the Spring of 2016 to be used on their John Deere DB60 planter. “We farm around 1,500 acres organically. Precision planting and cultivating is critical to our ability to control weeds so having straight rows is vital. We run multiple John Deere RTK systems and use Active Implement Guidance now with our planter and tractor (8295RT). In 2015, even with RTK, on most of our hills I could see the planter drift 8 – 12 inches. When cultivating this caused us some major challenges and negatively affected our crops. In 2016 with our ProTrakker 400DB hitch, the planter stayed straight as an arrow, even over the sides and tops of hills.”

Jerry went on to say, “For our operation, adding the ProTrakker 400DB hitch has equated to more profit. We cultivate out less corn and beans and we do a better job controlling weeds. All in all we are very pleased with our ProTrakker hitch."

Vollmershausen Farms, an Oxford County family farming operation in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, utilizes ProTrakker to keep their strip-till operations on track. “ProTrakker is a critical pillar in our strip-till system. [ProTrakker] always nailing it even when running mismatched implement widths.”

ProTrakker is even in use on farms in London, Ohio, home of the Farm Science Review. Nate D., who is the Farm Manager and CCA at the Molly Caren Farm in London, has put ProTrakker Guidance Systems to good use. “The ProTrakker guided hitch keeps our side-dressing right down the middle. In our first season with the ProTrakker guided hitch we have used it for pre-plant NH3 application, corn planting, and NH3 sidedress. In our operation it is essential to keep the corn seed and initial pre-plant NH3 application 15" apart regardless of terrain, curves, or speed. In our experience these can all influence implement tracking. Timing is also critical since we may need to plant and apply NH3 within a few days or less. In a sidedress situation the guided hitch can keep the applicator with disc sealers between the rows to eliminate stand loss and root damage. This [2017] is our first year using the 400DX. It was necessary to find a solution that worked with our John Deere equipment.”

Nate also added, “We, similar to other farms, can have several different corn header widths participate in harvest. Our planter is a 16 row and we want to take every step possible to ensure each combine regardless of width has equally spaced rows with no "guess rows" which can lead to excessive header loss. Example: one field may have an 8 row, 12 row, 16 row combine at harvest following our 16 row planter. With implement guidance we can guarantee no guess rows.”

“Implement guidance is becoming an important part of any farmer’s precision agriculture efforts,” said ProTrakker President, Cory Miller. “This is partly due to farmer concerns on efficiency and profit margins. With commodity prices being fairly low, it’s fair to say that all farmers are trying to get more yield for their hard work. Our products help farmers get the most yield by hitting precise zones whether it be for strip-till, spraying, fertilizing or planting.”

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