3 Ways ProTrakker Can Help You in the Field

July 31, 2018

Precision farming and advanced guidance systems are becoming increasingly important every year, with growers around the globe relying on systems like ProTrakker for accuracy in their fields. ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitches can have a big impact, no matter the climate or operation. These are three major benefits ProTrakker implement guidance systems have brought to customers around the world.

Hitting Moisture Pathways

ProTrakker’s precise implement guidance allows you to plant seed exactly where ground moisture is greatest, helping it thrive from the day it’s planted. This is a strong benefit in dryer climates — many Australian ProTrakker customers have noted this planting accuracy as a big help for their operation. Placing seed in the moisture zone allows for access to residual nutrients and old root pathways, helping your crops thrive and your yield increase.

Strip-Till Placement

Growers are increasingly moving toward sustainable practices like strip-till and no-till farming, and the accuracy of ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitches makes these processes easier. ProTrakker’s product lineup allows you to streamline your operations, giving you the ability to change between implements and hook up other configurations easily. In strip-till farming, accurate nutrient and seed placement in the strip zone is of paramount importance, and ProTrakker makes that level of precision possible.

Spend Time Selecting Seed

Although early order seed has most likely come and gone, we can still evaluate the right hybrids for the right acres. While every farmer wants to find a hybrid that gets high yields every year without fail, none have yet achieved that status. Despite well-manicured, top-yielding test plots in your area that may convince you otherwise, every hybrid has its drawbacks. Researching a seed’s strengths and weaknesses while taking the time to evaluate your own plot results will help you find the seed strategy that works for you.

Less Disturbance and Compaction (Controlled Traffic Farming)

Any time you enter the field, you run the risk of soil compaction and stubble disturbance. ProTrakker helps minimize this, by keeping you on a precise path every season. The accurate tracking of ProTrakker hitches allows you to plant seeds, apply fertilizer and more with minimal disturbance and harm caused to the soil, maintaining a healthy soil structure. Without a defined path, issues can build up over time and degrade your field, but ProTrakker helps keep it in peak condition, year after year.


Whatever precision farming your operation is trying to achieve, ProTrakker Guidance Systems has the necessary tools to meet your goals. For more information check out www.ProTrakker.com where you can find detailed product information, videos, testimonials, and more.