Adaptable Precision: ProTrakker Works With Multiple GPS Providers

GPS Providers

September 9, 2019

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. That saying holds true when looking at the capabilities of ProTrakker’s hydraulic hitches. Not only are the advanced guidance systems engineered to fit almost every tractor and implement on the market, but they can be guided by ProTrakker’s control options and major GPS platforms. With the adaptability to integrate with GPS steering systems, growers have the flexibility to use ProTrakker to meet their equipment and precision accuracy needs. ProTrakker works with the following GPS guidance systems:

ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitches utilize these GPS systems to automatically steer an implement to the guidance line. This helps with reducing operator fatigue, increasing productivity, and improving placement accuracy for seed, chemical, and fertilizer.

These systems provide active control and terrain compensation, leaving the grower in control even on difficult terrain. The tractor and implement will not be on the same line due to side-hill drift, rough terrain, tire tracks, etc, but with the ProTrakker tied into GPS, precision rows and repetitive field operations are attainable. ProTrakker users can expect to have higher accuracy and yield.

All of these GPS systems allow ProTrakker’s Hydraulic Hitches to be as effective as possible in the field. To find out more about ProTrakker’s Guidance Systems visit