Off-Season Maintenance Of Precision Ag Equipment Prevents Spring Headaches

Off Season Worker

October 31, 2019

Odebolt, IA – Even though we are in the middle of the harvest season, it’s never too early to start getting a game plan together for tackling equipment maintenance during the off-season. While a grower’s tractor and implement may receive needed care over winter, precision ag equipment and technology can be easily overlooked. However, there are some easy tips to help keep precision hardware and software in good condition. And ProTrakker users can create a simple checklist of tasks to prepare for effective planting in spring 2020.

During the winter season, it’s a good idea to do some preventative maintenance on your GPS screens and systems. Many new GPS systems store field data and other information. Be sure to transfer this information to an external storage device and clear out the data on the screen. This eliminates the need to worry about running out of data storage while out in the field. Screens, including the SonicTrakk ISO VT Terminal, may also be susceptible to cold temperatures. By storing these components in a controlled environment, you can prolong the life of the screen.

For precision ag hardware and equipment, it’s the perfect opportunity to test and maintain important components; such as, material flow meters, variable rate application hardware, wiring harness connections, and implement sensors. By testing control and sensor parts, you can save yourself time, and focus more on the coming planting season. If you're storing equipment outside in the off-season, have the electrical connectors properly covered with electrical caps to help prevent corrosion from environmental exposure.

When looking into the condition of your ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitch, do an overall inspection of the system. Check for any damage or wear. Some models have plastic wear plates that may need replaced. The same can be said for the hydraulic lines. If there are any signs of cracks or damage to the lines, it’s suggested that those lines be replaced. Applying lubricants to the various grease locations on the hitch will dramatically prolong the life of the product, as well. Evaluate the hitch for loose bolts and tightening where needed. The number of grease fittings and foot-pound requirements for tightening bolts varies throughout the ProTrakker product line, so be sure to check your user manual for the proper information. General maintenance on the hitch is a must to keep everything running smoothly.

Taking care of agricultural hardware and software is important to ensure that every aspect of your precision operation is working as expected when spring rolls around again.

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