Enhance Strip-Till Farming With ProTrakker

Strip Till

February 27, 2020

Precision Strip-Till Equipment

Today, soil conservation is becoming more prevalent in the minds of growers. To protect the soil, practices such as no-till and strip-till have become commonplace in the field. While each of these methods insulate the soil with surface residue, strip-till provides the benefits of both no-till and conventional tillage. Not only does this approach conserve land, but it also increases soil temperature and allows for more flexibility with nutrient management.

Unaided by technology, matching the strip and the planter is very challenging, leaving room for uncertainty. Adding implement guidance into the equation reduces that uncertainty. A ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitch eliminates implement inaccuracy, keeping the strips and planter in line for accurate placement.

ProTrakker Guidance Systems has great solutions to achieve repeatable and precise strip-tillage, fertilizing, and planting. The ability to be accurate with all your passes is what makes strip-till work. ProTrakker’s universal mounting and hookups set it apart as the quintessential strip-till tool. ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitches are also designed to be compatible with different control options, giving growers the flexibility to decide what advanced guidance technology works best for them. These hitches work with the tractor guidance systems from leading names in precision ag, including John Deere, Trimble, Raven and Homburg Holland.

With advanced guidance systems and control options working together, strip-till can be enhanced in a way that helps growers increase their ROI. Those that incorporate this tillage practice with precision ag equipment have witnessed fewer expenses, minimal nutrient waste, reduced overlap, and optimal yields.

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