500DB Hydraulic Hitch

ProTrakker 500DB Hydraulic Hitch
*For 500HP implements
500DB Hydraulic Hitch Specifications:
Implement hitch pin 2”
Shipping weight 870 lbs
HP Rating 500
Vertical load limit (tongue weight) 14,000 lbs
Off-line correction (left to right travel) 30.5”

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Photos of the 500 DB Hydraulic Hitch in use and connected to a tractor.

Able to mount on virtually all tractor drawbars, the ProTrakker 500DB brings a higher level of hitch guidance technology to your implement and precision ag operation. The 500DB hydraulic hitch is designed to work with large horsepower tractors and big implements, and boasts the 30.5 inches of off-line correction farmers need. Like all ProTrakker hydraulic implement guidance hitches, the 500DB is compatible with a number of implement control options (from GPS to ultrasonic sensors) to achieve sub-inch accuracy in the field. For more powerful tractors, the 500DB hydraulic hitch ensures implement drift compensation and consistent, reliable repeatability.

Features & Benefits

  • Universal mounting on almost all tractor drawbars
  • Adjustable hitch height
  • Powder coat paint finish
  • Built to last - Low maintenance and easy service
  • CAT IV Hitch Pin
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DB Easy Change Drawbar

The ProTrakker DB Easy Change Drawbar accessory was developed to make the installation process even easier, allowing the producer to install the hydraulic hitch with a simple pin removal. The DB Easy Change Drawbar is interchangeable for use with any ProTrakker DB-series hydraulic hitch.


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"The ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitch is a very simple and cost-effective solution for those looking for sub-inch implement accuracy when used with RTK."
- Jim Irwin, Arthur, IA

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