How ProTrakker Can Be A Game-Changer In Different Applications

Jan 14, 2022

From planting to contour farming, ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitches are perfect for precision ag applications

How ProTrakker Can Be A Game-Changer In Different Applications

It can be a big decision for growers to invest in a new piece of precision ag technology; some variables need to be considered before making that choice (the cost, ROI, etc.). One factor that might not be considered is, "How much value does this product provide?" That's where implement guidance comes into the equation.

ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitches are designed to revolutionize the way growers get work done. The capabilities of these types of hitches allow growers to achieve high levels of accuracy out in the field. Guidance control options include GPS, ultrasonic sensors, and a side-hill sensor. ProTrakker's line of hydraulic hitches can be used with a wide range of different implements, from planters and strip-till machines to anhydrous side-dressers, pull-type cultivators, and more! The versatility is unmatched in precision ag technology.


Planting is arguably where growers need the most accuracy. Seeds are a substantial investment; making sure they are placed precisely where they need to be is critical to the success of a grower's crop. A drifting planter and terrain variations pose a big threat to proper seed placement.

Implement guidance with a ProTrakker hitch has growers achieving sub-inch accuracy with their planting, reducing seed waste and costs due to overlap. Reliable precision results in the operator maintaining more accurate and repeatable rows on slopes, contours, and turns. But most importantly of all, hitting the nutrient zone is a must. These hitches do strip-till work, using precise placement for all passes. But these benefits extend beyond the initial planting.

Spraying/Side-Dressing/Cultivating/Contour Farming/Strip-Till

There are a lot of ways to farm, and precision guidance is important in all of them but in different ways. After crops have emerged, they can be easily damaged by equipment that's out in the field, spraying, side-dressing, cultivating, and more. Equipping your operation with a ProTrakker Implement Guidance System helps compensate for implement drift caused by side slopes, different soils, or curved terrain.

Contour farming also has a need for precision guidance. Guess rows can be difficult in many applications, but in contouring, it's exceptionally so. The accuracy of the hydraulic hitch means that the implement stays on the correct path, which you need, year after year, to improve the effectiveness of inputs.One must use advanced implement guidance to strip-till; hitting the zone for all passes creates the emergence, growth, and increased yields.

No matter how you are planning to use your ProTrakker, you will see a value in reduced operator fatigue, perfect guess rows, hitting the zone, less crop damage, and better yields.

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