Implement Guidance Leader Adds Value Through GPS Steering Compatibility

Odebolt, IA (May 31, 2023) – When it comes to accuracy in the field, all growers want to be on point. Over the last 20 years, advancements in precision ag technology have made farming more efficient and in turn, have led to more profitable seasons and yields. The leaders at ProTrakker Guidance Systems have always understood the importance of agriculture technology and have engineered its line of hydraulic hitches to work seamlessly with modern GPS guidance products. 

Based in Odebolt, Iowa, MBW Products, the parent company of ProTrakker Guidance Systems, has been in business for more than 40 years. Its flagship product line helps farmers achieve superior row crop guidance when coupled with industry-leading implement control systems such as

For those who may not be aware, ProTrakker Guidance Systems are consistently delivering precise, reliable results in the fields of producers worldwide. “We continue to receive inquiries from growers all over the world,” says ProTrakker president Cory Miller. “They hear about our product’s accuracy from their precision ag specialist or neighbors and want to know how they can achieve repeatable results, year after year.”

Jerry M. from Clarkfield, Minnesota had this to say about his precision ag efforts: “Precision planting and cultivating is critical to our ability to control weeds, so having straight rows is vital. We run multiple John Deere RTK systems and use Active Implement Guidance now with our planter and tractor (8295RT). … Even with RTK, on most of our hills, I could see the planter drift 8–12 inches. When cultivating, this caused us some major challenges and negatively affected our crops. …. With our ProTrakker 400DB hitch, the planter stayed straight as an arrow, even over the sides and tops of hills.”

Matt Campbell, a farmer from Ongerup, Western Australia, was having issues maintaining control and hitting the targeted zone. He had this to say after investing in ProTrakker: “We have almost nil stubble disturbance. There is no necessity to have leading coulters. The edge-row effect is also obvious. We were only aiming to get 70mm (3 inches) alongside the stubble and we have gone closer to about 50mm (2 inches).”

In addition to connecting to leading GPS guidance options, the company offers the ProTrakker Side-Hill Sensor™ which detects the tractor’s degree of slope and automatically adjusts the ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitch to keep the implement in the guidance track.

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