Precise Field Cultivation

What is Cultivation?

Field cultivation involves breaking up the soil through tillage to increase aeration, improve filtration, and prepare the field for planting. Accuracy and repeatability are crucial during cultivation to maximize effectiveness and minimize crop damage. Following the same lines year after year, cultivating with a ProTrakker Implement Guidance System reduces variability while setting your field up for a successful yield.

How can ProTrakker help?

Implement guidance compensates for implement drift when cultivating a field for row crops. Implement drift occurs when your tractor and field cultivator encounter side slopes, different soils, and curved terrain. With proper implement guidance, you can keep the tractor and implement on the same defined path when cultivating your field each year. Row crop cultivation benefits of accurate guidance systems include:

  • Perfect guess rows for mismatched implement widths
  • Reduced operator fatigue
  • More professional row appearance
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Sidedressing a field using precision ag technology